• Recover Space

    Maximize warehouse space.

  • Increase Order Fullfilment

    Improve speed and accuracy of picking orders.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Manage operations quickly and accurately.

E-commerce warehouse
  • Reduce Risk

    Rely on secure structures and machines.

  • Optimize Productivity

    Improve operations automated solutions.

  • Simplify Inventory Management

    Manage and access inventory with ease.

Improve Your E-Commerce Operations

E-commerce has been incorporated in many business operations in recent years. Improving efficiency and optimizing productivity has become a greater priority for retailers with large distribution centers. Retailers use our solutions to recover space, speed up picking, improve accuracy and simplify inventory management. Our solutions give retailers, warehouses, and large facilities additional capacity and flexibility, and they are often considered complementary to existing manual or automated picking and order staging processes.

Modula Vertical Lift Storage Solution

Vertical Lifts

Vertical Lifts are ideal for improving efficiency and saving space.  Fully automated, these systems allow for large inventories to be easily accessible, while storing them safely and securely.

Mobile Robots for commercial use

Mobile Robots

Designed to optimize productivity and logistics operations, Automated Mobile Robots can help your business transport heavy items in a safe and timely manner.

Mezzanines for parts and inventory for commercial storage


Perfect for distribution centers, automotive parts storage and integrated pick systems, Mezzanines are ideal for saving large amounts of space. Mezzanines use unused vertical space to increase your maximum capacity. 

Rivet Span Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving

Our shelving units are structurally strong with an easy configuration. We offer a broad range of sizes designed for storing difficult or oddly shaped items. You can access the shelves from all sides.

Batch-Picking-carts, E-commerce

Batch Picking Cart

The Batch Picking Cart allows you to improve efficiency of your distribution by allowing multiple orders to be picked up in one trip.

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How Automation Can Improve E-Commerce Logistics

Managing e-commerce operations in a warehouse can be hectic. Automated warehouses allow for an increase in efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, which ultimately leads to a greater ROI for the retailer. See how this company uses automatic warehouses to improve e-commerce operations.

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Optimize Your Operation

TrackingSystemsIoT solutions serve as the nerve center for managing your company's resources, workforce, and operations. This is achieved through the provision of turnkey tracking and sensor systems that capture data, providing a detailed view of your business's performance and the predictive analytics necessary for successful management.

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