Robotic Arms

  • Flexibility

    7-axes allow better reach and mobility at work

  • Efficient

    Stronger, faster and simpler design to meet your needs

  • Collaborative

    Work hand-in-hand with other robots to automate processes

Robotics arm background
  • Increase Maneuverability

    Curved paths with specified speed

  • Options

    Wide range of models offered to help all manufacturing companies

  • User-friendly

    Allow SME's without robotics specialists, to achieve complex automation processes

Kassow Collaborative Robots

Increase efficiency and improve automation processes with the uniquely efficient, and lightweight 7-axes collaborative robots. They offer small and medium-sized enterprises the ability to achieve complex automation and programming processes without a robotics specialist.

Multiple Robotic Arms 7-Axis
7 axes robotic arm

New Generation 7-Axes Robots

The new 7-axes robotic arms are high-performing equipment like no other. Their maneuverability, flexibility, long reach, and powerful mechanics; provide efficiency and improved speed to any task. These robots offer easy-to-use software to deliver an effortless user experience for non-robotics specialists.

Their modern design allows them to deploy in small and confined spaces. Additionally, their wide variety of models and attachments offers lots of options for the specific task your business may need.

Benefits and usage

The new Kassow Robots can perform multiple types of tasks with ease and speed. Their design allows them to work hand-in-hand with other robots. These can be programmed to perform tasks such as pick, carry, package, dispense, tend other machines, and more.


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