• modula-250

    Automated Lifts

    Fully automatic vertical storage system providing increased storage capacity, improved picking accuracy and more ergonomic product handling for every product type in many different work environments.

  • diamond-250

    Horizontal Carousel

    Crafted with the most durable materials, the highest quality construction, the most reliable components and state-of-the-art controls. Our systems are backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

  • Vertical Carousels American Specialty

    Vertical Carousel

    Engineered for safe and reliable operation,, our leading edge vertical carousel storage and retrieval systems that maximizes space utilization, efficiency and productivity in all types of applications.

  • aisle saver mobile systems

    High Density Storage

    Save more than 50% of real estate space to store the same amount of items.

  • Custom documents

    Document Management

    Save money and increase productivity with a shelf filing system designed specifically for your business.

  • Automated Mobile Robots American Specialty

    Autonomous Mobile Robots

    You’ll see an immediate impact on your ability to process orders faster and reduce material handling costs to get fast ROI on your mobile robots -often, in less than 12 months.

  • Mezzanines


    The steel construction and bolted supporting columns of our Mezzanines are engineered to optimize strength and durability, and to handle the wear and tear of industrial environments

  • Shelving Systems

    Industrial Shelving

    Strong and durable steel shelving is ideal for storing large, heavy or bulky parts. Our sturdy shelves accommodate high density drawers, which install easily into our steel storage equipment.

  • prostak 2 rapistak

    Stacker Cranes

    Save valuable floor space with smaller aisles and condense storage with adjustable steel pallets

  • Storage option for molds

    Tooling, Die, and Mold Storage

    Unique storage system to appropriately manage tools, dies and molds

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