High Density Mobile Storage

  • More Storage & Less Space

    Increase storage and filing capacity by 50%

  • Added Security

    Create segments to provide security where it is needed most

  • Seismic-Rated

    Be prepared with the anti-tip seismic gripper plates

American Specialty High Density Storage
American Specialty High Density Storage
  • Real Estate Benefit

    Use the real estate you already have more efficiently

  • Unlimited Partitioning

    Create exact spaces needed to store & organize for greatest efficiency

  • Environmental Protection

    Enclosed spaces such as drawers and shelving protect your investment

Save Space to Make Space

Operations of any size can benefit from a high density mobile storage solutions. Mobile aisle systems are used in the front office, warehouse space, or manufacturing space. Anywhere that items need to be stored securely and using the least amount of real estate.

High Density Mobile Storage Unit

It is possible to reduce the amount of real estate that your storage consumes. A high density mobile storage shelving system can save more than 50% of real estate space to store the same amount of items. Shelving units are placed on tracks in order to reduce the amount of wasted space created by aisleways. These units can be configured with shelving, hooks, heavy duty racking, vertical separators, drawers and more in order to store your items properly and securely.

High Density Storage Options
Aisle Saver Mechanical Storage
High density mobile storage aisle saver for tires
High density mobile storage for weapons
High density mobile storage aisle saver

High Density Mobile Storage Safety

Our mechanical assist mobile carriages have a key safety feature available upon request: our Sure-Stop Technology safety sweep. This technology is a safety brake built right into our carriages, so using our storage solution is worry-free. If the red actuator bar encounters as little as 3 lbs. of pressure, this technology mechanically locks the drive train and stops the carriage instantly. Features & Benefits:

  • Mechanically activated - no wires to adjust
  • No loss of aisle space - maximize storage
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Highly visible red actuator bar
  • Available on our SDS Mechanical - Assist carriages for our LT Shelving, S-Line Shelving, and Supreme Cantilever Shelving solutions
Sure-Stop Technology safety sweep actuator.

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High density Mobile Storage Drawer System

High Density Drawer Systems

High Density Drawer Systems are a powerful storage solution. These heavy-duty, high-density drawers can easily modernize and increase the amount of storage your existing shelving can provide. They can modernize and significantly improve the storage space and efficiency of existing or new shelving units. There are 28 different drawer sizes and each drawer has a 400 lb. capacity.  Each roller bearing suspended drawer extends fully which makes it easier to access the entire drawer.

Borroughs video
Borroughs Box Edge video
High Density Mobile Storage Drawers
High Density Mobile Storage Drawers
High Density Mobile Storage Drawers
High Density Mobile Storage Drawers

Increase Storage and Use Less Space

High density mobile storage aisle saver
High density mobile storage aisle saver
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