Public Safety

  • Space Maximization

    Use a smaller footprint to keep your items organized & readily available.

  • Security

    Keep records, evidence and weapons secure at all times.

  • Flexibility

    Store various types of equipment in the same location.

Fire department storage solutions
Public Safety Evidence
  • Accountability

    Control how equipment, weapons, evidence & records are accessed.

  • Reliablilty

    Reliable products regardless of your storage needs.

  • Tracking

    Know where equipment is at all times to keep it safe.

Unique Needs & Functionality

In public safety, there are a variety of storage needs and we can assist with them all. From storing records to keeping records secure, we'll find the solution that is right for you. You'll gain peace of mind knowing you have control over your information, equipment, evidence, weapons and more. These are just a few of the public service agencies we help: Correctional Institutions, Courthouses and Legal Services, Local and County Jails, Police and Sheriff Departments, Fire Departments, 911 Dispatch Centers, Crime Labs and Emergency Medical Technicians.


• Long-arm storage
• Hand gun storage
• High-density storage
• Gun lockers
• RFID/barcode tracking


• Security systems
• Lockable cabinets
• High-density storage
• RFID / barcode tracking
• Evidence bags & containers


• Evidence protection
• Personal effects storage
• Forensics storage
• Equipment storage
• Uniform lockers


• Record management
• Document/forms storage
• Tracking systems
• Archive storage
• Fireproof/secure storage


• Dispatch workstations
• Security stations
• Command consoles
• Surveillance stations
• Ergonomic seating

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Reliable Products

Security, accountability, efficiency – having the right workplace environment can make or break a case, and save a life. Our professionals understand the critical nature of your responsibilities and we help to bring Gain control and peace of mind. Armed with reliable products organization, comfort and precision to public safety environments. Rely on us for state-of-the-art storage solutions, technical furnishings, technology products and supplies needed for your demanding work environment.

Public Safety storage solutions
Weapons Storage
Weapons Storage
Supply Storage
Supply Storage
Modular Casework
Modular Casework
High Density Storage
High Density Storage
Active Storage
Active Storage
Technical Furniture
Technical Furniture
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TrackingSystemsIoT solutions serve as the central hub for managing your organization's assets, personnel, and workflows. They achieve this by offering ready-to-deploy tracking and sensor systems that capture data, providing comprehensive insights into your business's performance and the predictive analytics required for efficient management.

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