• Strong Construction

    Industrial strength structural steel design with intelligent engineering

  • Good Design

    Show us the area, the purpose and we provide the design that meets all local codes

  • Optimize Unused Space

    Make the most out of your current real estate

Mezzanines industrial storage solutions
Mezzanines industrial storage solutions
  • Economical Multi Level System

    Integrate with existing shelving to meet your budget while doubling usable space

  • Versatile

    Four options to choose from to meet your exact need

  • Boost Productivity

    Keep productivity high by adding floor space at your existing location, less movement of parts means higher productivity

Save up to 35% in Taxes by using Federal Tax Section 179

Increase Your Floor Space

Make the most out of your available space and double it quickly.  Mezzanines makes the most of your unused vertical space.  Perfect for distribution centers, automotive parts storage and integrated pick systems, there is practically no limit to how far you can take a mezzanines space-saving performance.

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Free-Standing Mezzanine

Free-standing second or third-level mezzanines systems use large columns for support rather than shelving. Under most tax laws, free-standing mezzanines are considered equipment rather than structures, minimizing additional property taxes and allowing for equipment depreciation advantages. All systems are Professional Engineer stamped to ensure system design integrity and structural safety. Custom design makes the most of your existing space and requirements.

Borroughs Industrial Shelving Video
Multipurpose warehouse mezzanines
Mezzanines for parts and inventory for commercial storage
Retail Store Mezzanines auto example
Mezzanine rendering
Mezzanines with lower level storage
Mezzanies for commercial storage
Borroughs dual level shelving for ommercial storage
Mezzanine for sports fitness

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