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Vertical Storage

  • Modula One Ton
  • Modula SLIM
  • Modula Vertical Lift
  • Modula OnePick
  • Modula Cloud
  • VIDIR Tire Carousel
  • VIDIR Wire Carousel
  • VIDIR Automated Lockers - Day Use
  • VIDIR Automated Lockers - Package Delivery

Horizonal Storage

  • Horizontal Carousel


  • Borroughs Mezzanines

Automotive Storage

  • Borroughs Workstation
  • Borroughs Workbenches

High Density Storage

  • Borroughs Mobile Storage
  • Borroughs Shelving
  • Borroughs Drawer System

Industrial shelving

  • Rivet-Span Shelving
  • Box Edge Shelving
  • Box Edge Shelving Specs

Rack & Stacker Systems

  • RAPISTAK Pallet Stak
  • RAPISTAK Maintenance, Repair, & Operations (MRO)
  • RAPISTACK Die Mold
  • Glide Out Rack Storage

Mobile Robots

  • MIR Mobile Robot

Industry Storage Solutions

  • Public Safety
  • Public Safety - Weapons Storage
  • Healthcare


  • Swiftwall
  • Flip
  • Swift Solo

Documents & Filing

  • Custom Filing Brochure
  • Filing Options Brochure
  • Legal-Law Filing Catalog
  • MANUFACTURING Filing Products
  • Medical Product Catalog
  • Made-To-Order Products

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Industry 4.0

Welcome to the era of Industry 4.0, where technology and innovation converge to reshape the landscape of manufacturing and industrial processes. This revolution is marked by the integration of cutting-edge technologies that promise increased efficiency, agility, and customization across industries. Let's explore some of the transformative elements driving this revolution. Learn More.

Internet of Things Industry 4.0
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