Weapon Tracking

  • Digital Weapons Management

    Complete database of weapons, gear, ammo and personnel.

  • RFID and Barcode Tracking

    Use antennas at windows and doors and USB scanners or tablets.

  • GSM/GPS Tracking

    Real-time weapon tracking locally or globally.

WeaponTrackerIoT logo on a photo with weapons.
  • Secure Authentication

    Authenticate personnel with fingerprint, PIN #, or ID card look-up.

  • Personnel Profiles

    See certifications, photos, duty status, and more.

  • Weapon Storage

    Configurable space-efficient weapon racks, lockers and smart locks.

Robust Weapon Tracking and Inventory Database

Improve Accountability and Systems Security

WeaponTrackerIoT is a ready-to-use weapon tracking and management software equipped with all the functionalities developed for previous clients. It can be quickly customized to meet the precise data, tracking, workflow, security, and reporting needs of each new client.


Weapon Management Software

  • The WeaponTrackingSystemsIoT command center shows real-time data about armory inventory and controls all your weapons management.
  • Complete warehouse and armory management of lethal weapons, non-lethal weapons, magazines, gear, ammo, cases, cartons, and personnel.
  • Each user can customize their dashboard to match their use case.
In the field tracking of location and if shots are fired.
Weapon check-in and check-out dashboard.

Enables Rapid Armory Inventory

  • Graphs and charts offer a quick snapshot of your critical operations.
  • Task management automation through messages, alerts, and calendars.
  • Displays photos of assigned weapons and associated gear alongside additional data.
  • Alerts if certifications are out-of-date or marked ‘Do Not ARM’.
  • Create shift turnover reports and unlimited custom reports matching your reporting requirements.
  • Supports printing display of reports and forms to formatting that meet standard-operating-procedure requirements.

Tracks Weapons with RFID and Barcodes

  • WeaponTrakerIoT management leverages RFID and barcode tracking to rapidly, accurately, and passively track weapons,and other armory times at return windows or doorways, at computers with USB scanners, and/or with tablets.
  • After shift turn-overs, rapidly scan armory inventory with an RFID or barcode mobile scanner to save time and ensure 100% accountability.

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See Real-time GMS and GPS Locations

  • GSM and GPS tracking allows your weapons to be tracked in real-time in the armory, locally outside the armory, and globally.
  • GSM cell towers and GPS satellites make real-time weapon tracking possible.
  • Monitor visual and data communications between WeaponTrackerIoT command center, officers and vehicles.
  • GSM and GPS technology automatically updates the command center if weapon is fired or separated from an officer, triggering alerts to officer cell phones and vehicle tablets improving rapid response.

Improve Weapon and System Security

  • Prevent unauthorized weapon removals with a combination of RFID tracking and alarms, lights, and automated alerts.
  • Pairing weapons with officers and GSM/GPS enables automating alerts if a weapon is separated from an assigned-officer.
  • Supports electronic signature, fingerprint, iris and facial recognition technologies for custody transfer.
  • Security events trigger real-time text alerts on RRV tablets and officer cell phones.
RFID tracking of armory items at doorways.

Smart Weapon Storage

  • Lockers feature slots for magazines and scales to ensure magazines are removed from stored weapons and detect missing rounds.
  • RFID sensors inside of lockers automatically track weapon and magazine removals and returns.
  • Barrel clamps and butt holders secure longarms to prevent unauthorized access and theft.
  • RFID built into butt holders automatically tracks weapon removals and returns, combined with weight scales to ensure that magazines are removed from weapons.
  • Lockers and racks are available with battery auto-charging systems for weapon tags.
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