Vertical Carousels

  • Heavy Duty

    Lifting capabilities of up to 34,000 lb

  • High Storage Volumes

    Increase storage capacity by up to 70%

  • Fast Retrieval Times

    Integrate with order processing software to enjoy fast and reliable retrieval

  • Increased Safety

    Work at ergonomically appropriate heights and reduce workplace injuries

  • Semi or Fully Automated

    Designed for high density storage applications with built in flexibility

  • Customizable

    Engineered to meet your exact needs

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Go Vertical and Save Space

There are so many ways to utilize a vertical carousel, from storing cables, to tires to small or large boxes – the options are limitless.

Pan and Shelving Carousels

Vertical carousel
Vidir Pan Carousel 1
Vidir Shelving Carousel 1

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vidir tire 1

Specialty Storage – Cables and Tires

These vertical carousels are motorized storage systems designed to store, retrieve, and dispense items as large as tires or various ranges of wire, cable, rope, chain, and hoses (hydraulic, air, water, transfer).

multi height tire

Automated Lockers

More people need to store personal items in community space than ever before.  These spaces include work, school, visiting the hospital, mall, or library, or stopping by their favorite fitness center or athletic facility.  The question is how to provide that locker storage capacity, while not interfering with, or decreasing the available space for the everyday functioning of the business or education complex.  In addition, there is a need for package retrieval from online shopping as well as secure evidence storage.  Three different requirements – one expertly designed solution.

This solution has an all metal design and provides high security, and peace of mind protection no matter what is stored inside. It also makes use of wasted vertical space to increase storage availability in a narrower footprint than horizontal storage options.  All lockers are delivered at an ergonomic height, ensuring maximum availability and accessibility for all users.

Day Use Automated Lockers - Front
Day Use Automated Lockers
Package Delivery Automated Lockers - Front
Package Delivery Automated Lockers - Front
Evidence Automated Lockers
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