Tooling, Die and Mold Storage

  • Safety

    A forklift free solution

  • Reduce Injuries

    No personal handling of heavy stock material

  • Handling Options

    Fixed or adjustable shelves

  • Heavy Duty Weight capacities

    2,000 – 10,000 pound with rack heights from 8 – 25’

  • Save Floor Space

    Use your vertical space to store different sized items

  • Self Contained Work Cell

    Users can manage inventory without material handling assistance

Save up to 35% in Taxes by using Federal Tax Section 179

Space Saving Advantage

Your company will benefit from a variety of  Rapistak space saving advantages.

  • High Density-Efficient
  • Modular-Reconfigurable
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Maximum Cubic Capacity
  • Optimize Picking Layout & Operations
  • Eliminate Wasted Space & Inefficiency
  • Asset Protection
  • Immediate Access
Space Saving storage

Small, Medium and Large Tool, Die and Mold Storage Solutions

It takes a unique storage system to appropriately manage tools, dies and molds. The shapes, weights and sizes require specific solutions to keep your investment safe and easily accessible.

Small Rack Storage Systems

Small footprints of up to 36 inches by 36 inches are possible with the glide out as well as crank storage shelves. These systems are made of an all welded construction with the standard 10 gauge steel deck. The shelves can extend up to 75% and have a 5,000 lb load capacity.  For added accessibility the shelves can be accessed from either the right or the left side. Customized solutions are possible and any size in any increment can be created. For tight areas a glide out solution is the best use your real estate.

crank out glide out
Rack Engineering Glide-Out-100-image-w-descriptions
Crank Out Cantilever

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Tool, DIe, and Mold Storage

Store, manage and handle high value molds, dies and tooling in a completely safe, high density storage system.

Tool, Die, and Mold Storage

Sophisticated Automation for Tool, Die and Roll Storage

A unique handling system that is partnered with an automatic vertical warehouse. Works well in difficult to access areas or far from where the goods are needed. The gripper device is guided by the integrated mapping systems and it retrieves the requested items autonomously. This type of automated transport system is able to convey the retrieved materials to another location, no matter how far away.

Integrated Stacker Lift System

Instant adjustability is what makes Prostak the choice for operations that has plastic injection mold storage, stamping die storage, inventory, and maintenance repair equipment in different sizes.  This integrated stacker lift system can handle heavier bulkier items while giving you the adjustability you need to make your space work for you.  It is easy to operate, provides maximum cube utilization, and can increase your productivity – all a the touch of a button.

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