File Tracking

  • USB Scanner Check-in and Check-out

    Label files with barcodes and/or RFID labels for streamlined tracking.

  • Passive Check-in and Check-out

    Motion sensors establish direction-of-travel for automated check-in’s and check-out’s.

  • Real-time Tracking through facilities

    Locations are detected with software when passing underneath antennas.

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  • In-Facility and Exit Point Security

    Scanners, alarms, flashing lights, and/or cameras can be placed at doorways. 

  • Trace-and-Find Files In-Offices and In-Storage

    Rapidly scan all files at each location to update current file locations.

  • Electronic Documents and Records

    Integrates file management with electronic document management.

File Tracking System

Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Improve file tracking with RFID technology for records management, spanning various industries and applications. With FileTrackerIoT, your organization becomes more efficient, enhances both internal and external customer services, boosts staff morale, ensures compliance, and lowers costs.

FileTrackerIoT Dashboard

File Tracking Software Platform

  • FileTrackerIoT is the operational intelligence, serving as the command center for overseeing records management.
  • Comprehensive management of documents, files, and archives.
  • Quickly adaptable to meet the specific data, tracking, workflow, security, and reporting needs of each customer.
  • Effortless management of both physical and electronic documents, records, and archives.

Computerized records management software

  • Create hierarchical relationships between documents, files, and archives.
  • Set user privileges and permissions within the software. Define locations.
  • Handle statuses, document life cycles, and schedule retention automatically.
  • Create and manage task lists.
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Generate a wide range of standard and custom reports without limitations.
File Tracker scanning files
scanner finding files

Check-Out and Check-In

  • Use the software to search for records for check-in and check-out purposes.
  • Label documents, files, and archives with barcodes and/or RFID (radio wave) labels for efficient tracking.
  • The check-out and check-in processes are quick and precise, accomplished by scanning barcode or RFID labels and scanning or selecting the transfer destination.
  • Manage file requests and receive notifications when files are ready for pickup.
  • Capture the recipient's fingerprint, electronic signature, or PIN when transferring sensitive files.
  • Maintain comprehensive audit trail records of all file movements, including the destination location or person, along with the time and date of transfer.

Passive Tracking at File Room Doorways

  • RFID antennas can be installed at doorways of file and archive rooms to automatically monitor the exit or return of files and archives.
  • Motion sensors can be used to determine the direction of travel (in or out) for automated check-ins and check-outs.
  • Personnel can be issued RFID ID cards to automatically identify individuals when they remove or return files.
  • Alarms, flashing lights, and/or cameras can be positioned at doorways of file and archive rooms to trigger visual, audible, software, email, and SMS text alerts.
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FIle being pulled from shelf

Real-Time File Tracking throughout Facilities

  • Documents, files, and archives are affixed with RFID labels, allowing for real-time tracking as they move within facilities.
  • RFID antennas are linked to the customer's computer network and are identified in the database by specific names corresponding to their locations.
  • RFID antennas can be positioned in work areas, along hallways, near elevators and stairwells, at department and building exits, or in any desired location for real-time file tracking.
  • As files pass under the antennas, their locations are updated in the software to reflect the location where they were detected.

Trace, Inventory and FIND Files

  • Mobile RFID scanners can detect items from a distance of around 20 feet (6 meters) or more.
  • These scanners read location barcodes on office door frames and other work areas to identify where files are being inventoried.
  • They quickly scan all files at each location to update the software with their current positions.
  • The scanners use beep speed, color scale, and numeric index to assist in locating files.
Motion sensors at door entry

Prevent Unauthorized File or Archive Movements

  • RFID antennas can be installed inside facilities and at exits to deter unauthorized movement or removal of documents, files, and archives.
  • These antennas can detect both the items being moved and the individuals moving them, as well as the direction of their movement (into or out of an RFID detection zone or doorway).
  • Alarms, flashing lights, and cameras are activated based on permissions and business regulations.
  • The system automatically triggers software, email, and SMS alerts according to predefined business rules and designated authorities.

File Folders and Filing Systems

  • File folders must be durable and documents well-protected for staff handling and usage.
  • Files should be ideally indexed at the top or side, using primary color-coding for visual organization and to prevent misfiling.
  • File folders should feature document fasteners and/or color-coded index tabs for different document types, facilitating quick and easy access to documents within the folder.
file storage

File and Archives Storage

  • TrackingSystemIoT provides a diverse selection of file and archive storage systems designed for effortless access and swift retrieval.
  • These storage systems can be mounted on wheeled carriages, eliminating unnecessary aisles to optimize storage capacity within the available floor space.

Electronic Document Management

  • FileTrackerIoT seamlessly merges physical document, file, and archive management with electronic document management features.
  • Digitize files upon receipt in the mailroom, during distribution to workers, or at the time of archiving or destruction.
  • Revamp paper-based business processes through eDocument workflows and the substitution of paper documents with electronic forms.
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