Warehouse Management

  • Factory Dispatch

    Automate the tracking of items leaving your warehouse.

  • Warehouse Receiving

    Streamline your inventory management by tracking goods as they enter your warehouse.

  • Quantity Comparisons

    Avoid stock shortages or excesses with real-time data solutions.

WarehouseTrackerIoT Logo over a warehouse for the warehouse management page.
  • Shipping & Security

    Prevent unauthorized movement of goods with sensors and alarms.

  • Cycle Counts

    Use RFID and barcode scanners to quickly check inventory levels.

  • Track To Storage Location

    Track goods from their entry into the warehouse to their final storage location.

Transform Your Warehouse Management

Real-Time, Traceable Warehouse Visibility From Start to Finish

WarehouseTrackerIoT software optimizes warehouse management operations by integrating barcode and RFID tracking technologies with mobile scanners, tablets, and networked real-time sensors and antennas, enhancing efficiency and accuracy throughout the entire process.


Command center software

WarehouseTrackerIoT serves as your central hub for warehouse inventory tracking, workflow management, and operational enhancement.

  • It comes as fully developed software, ready for immediate deployment, and can be quickly tailored to mirror your existing or preferred business workflows.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your backend ERP and other database systems.
  • Utilizes modern software components, languages, and platforms to ensure optimal performance and long-term reliability.
  • Offers customizable dashboards, workflow mapping, messaging, alerts, and calendar features for both the organization and individual users, streamlining business processes and alerting based on configurable rules.
  • Integrates with a wide array of tracking, security, and sensor devices to optimize performance.
Warehouse Management Dashboard
RFID and Barcode scanning.

RFID and barcode tracking technologies

WarehouseTrackerIoT seamlessly integrates with top-tier RFID and barcode hardware from global leaders, ensuring robust deployment that aligns with solution objectives and performance benchmarks.

  • It can utilize existing tags or apply tags to incoming goods to register them within the warehouse tracking system.
  • Each storage location is identified with a barcode tag and a unique identification number.
  • Location and goods barcodes are scanned to define the storage locations where goods are placed.
  • Regular audits and inventories of goods-in-storage are conducted for cycle counts and real-time goods accountability.
  • The system features an RFID mobile scanner with a detection distance of over 20 feet, enabling rapid identification of needed and missing objects.

RFID and security technologies

WarehouseTrackerIoT employs a combination of software and hardware to enhance warehouse security.

  • The software maintains a comprehensive record of warehouse items and their statuses, issuing automatic alerts for goods nearing expiration or requiring other task completions.
  • RFID antennas positioned at checkpoints swiftly identify moving goods, reconciling them with the software database and operational procedures.
  • Alarms, flashing lights, and RFID antennas at dock and building exits deter unauthorized movement of goods and help prevent shrinkage.
  • RFID data seamlessly integrates with camera and access control systems, maximizing warehouse security through information fusion.
  • Long-range RFID antennas installed along warehouse ceilings and walls enable real-time tracking of all RFID-tagged items within the warehouse.
RFID sensors for warehouse security.
Simulated image of warehouse intelligence on a tablet screen.

Manufacturing Intelligence

TrackingSystemsIoT provides ProductionTrackerIoT, which integrates warehouse management with industrial automation to revolutionize industrial operations.

  • Advanced software analytics and sensor technology collaborate to automate production processes, comparing actual performance against expected benchmarks and predicting behavior.
  • Sensors on production lines and conveyors continuously monitor variables such as production speed, temperature, and water flow to optimize productivity.
  • Building sensors track air quality, temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors to ensure facilities operate within specified parameters.

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Warehouse Management Hardware

Mobile RFID-Barcode Scanners

  • High-precision barcode scanning capabilities.
  • Detection distances of 30 feet or more for RFID.
  • Ability to detect over 1,300 tags per second.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless over-the-air data management.
  • Equipped with both electric 8-pin and USB connectivity.
  • Durable IP54 rating with a design capable of withstanding drops from 5 feet onto concrete.
  • Further reinforced durability with a rugged casing.
Tablet for mobile warehouse management.

Mobile Tablets

  • Robust design meeting IP65 and MIL-STD-810H specifications for durability.
  • Enhanced durability with a rugged casing.
  • Support for Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, cellular, and GPS connectivity.
  • Available with surface and wall mounts that offer power and software connectivity.
  • Advanced security and encryption features ensure data protection.


  • Suitable for in-building and outdoor choke points, including building exits, dock doors, and personnel/vehicle gates.
  • The reader can link to a local or cloud server using WiFi, Bluetooth, PoE, PoE+, and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Antennas connect to the reader and are powered by it, supporting up to 8 antennas per reader.
  • Supports DHCP, HTTPS, FTPS, SFPT, SSH, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, and NTP network services.

Long-Range Sensors

  • Utilizes long-range UFH RFID, BLE, UWB, and LoRaWAN technologies.
  • Capable of detection distances spanning thousands of feet.
  • Offers pinpoint accuracy within less than 10 centimeters.
  • Supports WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Enables connectivity to both local and cloud servers.
  • Supports MQTT, REST API, and GRPC interfaces.

GSM / GPS Receivers

  • Compatible with GSM/GPS technologies.
  • Enables global real-time tracking.
  • Provides precise longitude-latitude positioning.
  • Utilizes GPS and GLONASS positioning with a 72-channel receiver.
  • Allows connectivity to both local and cloud servers.
  • Can be powered by either 4 x C batteries or hardwiring.
GSM or GPS receivers to track items and equipment.
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