When manufacturing for the healthcare sector, a missing part or a fabrication delay can ultimately affect patient outcomes. Organize your operations to make sure your supplies are always on hand and always secure, whether they are smaller than a glass vial or larger than an MRI scanner. Space-saving storage carousels, strong vertical lifts, and sturdy industrial shelving keep inventory accessible without sacrificing real estate.  Efficient storage supports JCAHO compliance.

Modula Slim commercial storage solutions

Modula Slim

Modula Vertical Lift Storage Solution

Modula Vertical Lift

Horizontal Carousels American Specialty

Horizontal Carousels

Industrial Storage HD Shelves with worktop

Industrial Shelving

Mezzanines industrial storage solutions


High density Mobile Storage Solutions

High density Mobile Aisle

Vidir Shelving Carousel 1

Vertical Carousel

Hospital Bed Lift American Specialty Industries

Hospital Bed Lift

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