• Create Space

    Manufacturing facilities enjoy mobile workstations because they can be where the management oversight is needed

  • Flexible

    Reconfigure a workspace quickly

  • Height Adjustable

    Multiple sizes with an electric mechanism

Swiftspace flexible workstations
Swiftspace flexible workstations
  • Quickly Add Workstations

    Make a collaborative space within minutes

  • Mobile

    Relocate the workstation anywhere (indoors, on the manufacturing floor and outdoors)

  • Arrives Fully Assembled

    No special installers needed, you staff can do the set up

The Future is Flexible, The Future is Now!

If you want productivity, you need flexibility, and to have flexibility, you need mobility. Swiftspace is designed to provide that mobility you need to be flexible and productive.

Mobile workstations

Adaptable Workstations

Employees deserve aesthetically pleasing and functional workspaces that can easily adapt and reconfigure to meet their needs. Their workspace needs to work properly with their workflow. Our solutions provide mobile and flexible workspaces that can continue to adapt to changes. Replace traditional workstations that are immobile, inflexible, and are very labor-intensive with something more productive.

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Easy to Configure & Reconfigure

Swiftspace offers a variety of product lines to provide a comprehensive solution for any organization's workspace requirements, from private or collaborative individual spaces to multi-person meeting areas. Swiftspace products can be reconfigured, without the use of tools or professional installers, within minutes.

Swiftspace workstation

The Same 30 Stations — Done Differently

Depending upon your needs and how they change!

Swiftspace workstation options

A "Traditional" Weekday Layout of 30 Workstations 6 x 6 With Pedestals

Various configurations of workspaces

Take the same 30 workstations and re-configure to collaborative clusters two or four people. Note that in some stations the /aqua panel has been removed (easily, of course) to facilitate collaboration

Various configurations of workspaces
The same 30 stations. The user has control of easily adding or deleting the aqua panels for varying degrees of privacy.


With occupancy dynamics in the workplace creating challenges, adapting to change has never been more important. Swiftspace easily adapts to its changing environment, much like the chameleon changes quickly and effortlessly to adapt to its changing environment. The product designers at Swiftspace have created cost-effective solutions that make workspace change easier and faster.

Swiftspace workstation products
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